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Welch Materials manufactures next generation Ultisil® HPLC columns (also called Ultisil® in China market) for chemists in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, drug control, environmental, agrochemicals, cosmetics and academic labs. Ultisil® columns provide the best performance in peak shape, efficiency and resolution. We offer a full line of HPLC columns to meet HPLC separation and purification needs from analytical to preparative scale. Through continuous innovation, Welch Materials offers customers the best tools and solutions for separation, purifi cation, and analysis of organic and bioorganic compounds.

Ultisil® HPLC Columns Properties:

» Ultra high purity (purity > 99.999% SiO2) porous silica particles
» High performance over wide pH range from pH 1.5 to 10.0
» Proprietary surface modifi cation for smooth, uniform and inert silica surface
» Long column lifetime and more injections
» Unique bonding chemistry and endcapping technology
» Exceptional lot-to-lot reproducibility
» Excellent peak shape, especially for polar, acidic and basic compounds
» Available in analytical and prep types, of all dimensions and sample sizes
» Series of stationary reversed phase and normal phases for wide selectivity
» Best value – high premium products with very competitive price

Ultisil® Packing Materials

Our Ultisil® HPLC columns are made from spherical, totally porous, and ultra high purity (>99.999%) type B silica particles. Our proprietary surface modification before bonding generates a very smooth and uniform surface with less acidic surface silanols.


Ultra pure and totally porous type B silica

» Ultra pure, spherical, and totally porous silica
» Narrow pore size and particles size distribution
» Proprietary surface modifi cation to ensure uniform and inert surface
» High surface area for strong retention of hydrophobic and polar compounds
» Enhanced mechanical stability
» Range of particle size from 3 μm to 10 μm for analytical to preparative applications

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