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Dear Customer,
B&C Biotech is a leading company in reagents and labware products supplying.
Our long-standing experience enables us to be a valuable partner for many public and private clients.
Currently, B&C Biotech handles the entire ARPA Umbria’s labware supplies, ARPA Veneto as for laboratory consumables both environmental and food chemistry laboratories, ARPA Emilia Romagna regarding laboratory products for complete water analysis and many private Italian chemical laboratories.
During the past year, a new catalogue of products for liquid and gaseous chromatography has been introduced thanks to international agreements for the distribution of brands of interest.


Abel Industries is a company based on a long tradition of excellence in GC columns GCMS production; OEM manufacturer in the past years for major global brands, recently Abel has launched its own brand and produces a wide range of columns definitely comparable to the others dealt in the world-wide market.
The most used phases can be found in our catalogue, from AB1 and AB5 (perfectly equivalent phase to the standard DB1 and DB5) to Poraplot or InnoWax.
Best references to mention are ARPA Umbria and ARPA Veneto that are using our AB5 (MS 30m X 0.25 mm X 0.25 um) and AB624 (DB 624). Great price/quality ratio is amazing.
For any other information, please visit the site www.abel-industries.com


Welchrom Scientific is one of the world's top manufacturers of HPLC and UHPLC columns and SPE and QuEChERS columns. HPLC and UHPLC columns catalogue contains about 400 codes which meet the quality range of the laboratory’s standards.
The catalogue of SPE columns, in addition to the capacity and phases, has a section for separation columns of large volumes such as 5g /30 ml or 10 gr/50ml in all stationary phases. The QuEChERS catalogue shows the QuEChERS suitable for AOAC and EN methods and relative extraction Bags.
For any other information, please visit the site www.welchmat.com


B&C Biotech represents the official Italian distributor of Chromlab Analytical company.
Chromlab Analytical manufactures OEM vials and syringe filters for many worldwide brands.
A complete catalogue of vials is available: from common screw cap vials from 2ml to 40ml headspace.
Syringe filters catalogue includes all types of diameters (4,13,25,33 mm) and all types of membrane filters. Classic porosity 0.2 and/or 0.45 um. Particular attention should be given to the GFX fiberglass filter membranes which Chromlab Analytical is one of the world's leading manufacturers for.
For any other information, please visit the site www.chromfilter.com

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for products quotation and assistance you might require. Moreover, if you want, we can include you in our mailing list to promptly receive special offers and news.
Thanks in advance for your attention to this introduction.
At your disposal for any further details, we remain
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Sergio Fioravanti
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B&C BIOTECH is a company oriented Global Outsourcing for the acquisition of goods and services for scientific research, industrial production and the Public Administration. B & C Biotech is a qualified partner for managing processes dedicated to creating value and to achieve higher levels of efficiency and quality.

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